Papa, do you want to heal me?

That’s sounds like a loaded question to me. I mean, didn’t Jesus say that by his stripes we are healed? So why wouldn’t Papa want to see us healed? Here is my attempt of understand the glory that is my savior. 

God can heal you of anything, so why doesn’t he? I have prayed for healing for myself and others without receiving or seeing any healing. What happened? Did I pray the wrong prayer? Did I not have enough faith? I know that the prayer was sincere and from every fiber in my being. Why, then did I not get a healing? Or, did I? I feel like people underestimate and, to some degree, misunderstand the love of the father. Is it better for me to have perfect sight, or to rely on God for my provision? Is it better for me to walk, or to allow God to permeate through a bad situation. I have seen so many people destroyed by a tragedy and have no idea “why God would do this”, “why won’t he heal me”. First of all, Papa didn’t do anything to you. He may have allowed it to happen, but why? I believe that all things are for the Glory of God, even if it hurts. 

Papa doesn’t heal everyone…physically. I have personally witnessed tragedy turned to magnificent beauty. A life restored, but sight that isn’t. A spirit that sores for the love of the Father, but legs that can’t move. If we let ourselves be transformed by our tragedy, we will find healing. It may not be what we expect, but when was the last time Papa did anything predictable? That’s what makes his love so brilliant. He does care and knows what is best for us, even if it isn’t exactly what we want. We get in the way too much. We have our lives planned out and we fit God in to the “necessary” places. But, he doesn’t want the “necessary” places, he wants it all. So, when something life shattering happens we freakout, get mad at Papa, and demand a healing. We even convince ourselves that Papa wants to heal our aliment, or situation. What he wants is your life. He wants to be glorified to the fullest. And, it may seem unfair initially, that may mean pain and suffering. 

The same applies to churches. Of all people groups the church should be glorifying the Father, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes Papa has to take his people through the pain and suffering as a body to bring them to true dependence. The church should always be looking for new ways to grow closer to Papa. That doesn’t mean forgetting the old things, just constantly looking to draw closer. 

I’m not an expert, or scholar on any of this. I just believe that Papa wants our love and affection, and will use any circumstance, or situation to get it. Look at your own life. If you think about it long enough and hard enough I guarantee you will find God’s hand in every “bad” situation in your life. You just have to look through the right filter. Not the filter of self, but through one of grace and love. 


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