Cheapened Cross

Why do I not weep at the site of the Cross? Why does my heart not break when I see the place of torture and death of my Savior? Have I become calloused to the site of a magnificent reminder of such brutality? A resounding yes must echo from my lungs.

I feel that we, as a group of believers, have taken the power of the Cross away from the Cross. Our entire belief system is based off of the fact that Jesus paid the ultimate price of his life on a cross.  He was murdered for our transgressions at the hands of an angry mob so that we may live a life of freedom. The Cross is no mere object.  It is a source of life.

I must admit guilt on my part. I am a “trendy” Christian. One wall of my living room is decorated with crosses of all shapes and sizes. I was not raised with a true reverence for the cross. I knew what it stood for, of course, but never did it have a resonating heart beat in my soul. And, why is that? It’s because it has become a common site. It is seen on just about anything associated with Christianity. I understand the symbolism, but what about the true meaning?

It has been said the Saint Francis of Assisi could not look upon a cross without weeping. He was heartbroken by the reminder of the love that His Savior displayed for his sinful soul. I want to feel that! I want my soul to yearn for the love of Papa in a way that rocks my world at the site of His Cross.

I am deciding that I will meditate on the love of my Savior, and the amazing sacrifice that he made for me. Will you join me?



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