My Prayer


Just as you have heard the cries of David, Papa hear my cries. I am trusting in your steadfast love. I am thankful for you deliverance. Search my heart and know me Papa. Show me who I really am, and show me who you want me to be. Do not let my mind and my soul go down into the pit. Guard my heart in righteousness. Deliver me from those that would see me parish apart from you. Guide me with your steadfast love, and lead me through wise counsel. Thank you for loving me so deeply and abundantly.

You, more than anyone, know my fears. You know know my hopes, my failures, and my deepest desires. Papa, hold me close, comfort me. You are my shield, and my redeemer. You are the breath that my soul needs to survive. I worship you for all that you have done for me, and for all that you have given me. For every breath, I give you praise above all my King.

Teach me to give everything away for your glory. Teach me to pour myself out at the feet of those around me. Let me be humbled by your Grace. By your Love. By your Mercy. Let me love your children with the same intensity that you have loved me.

I come to your fountain to have my cup filled again and again. But, only because I have poured it out by serving your Kingdom. Hold me tightly in your fold my Lord. Continue to pour your mercies on my each day.

Your Son,



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