“I want to be a tree.”

I know that we have all probably heard a million cheesy analogies about Christ and his place in our lives, but something beautiful struck me today.

I was standing on my balcony which is on the third floor of our apartment complex. While standing there the wind picked up and the tree beside our balcony began to sway back and forth. It got me to thinking about how truly cool trees are. I mean, those things can (sometimes) stand up to hurricane force winds and be perfectly fine. They can weather the seasons and only grow stronger. So I thought…”I want to be a tree.”

That does sound a little weird I know. But, as I thought about my life and my devotion to the Kingdom I decided that I want to be a tree for Jesus. And that doesn’t really sound much better does it? I want my roots to run deep into the word. I want my nourishment to come from prayer. I want the seasons of this life to only make me stronger. I don’t want to be swayed and broken by the storms of life.

I want to be like a tree. I want to be strong and unmovable for Papa. My roots may not be super deep yet. But I know that they grow deeper with every trial. With every storm. With every Hurricane.

Papa, thank you for giving me roots. And thank you for continually drawing me deeper and deeper into our Kingdom, and who you are. Make me a tree!



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