Let’s Negotiate

My Wife recently brought up a great question:  Do we truly surrender our lives to God?

Let me open that up a little.

I have always thought of surrender as a basic principal to Christianity, to my walk with Papa. But, I must admit that I never meditated on what that might actually mean or look like. After reflection, and a great conversation with my wife, I realized that surrender is so much more than I had given up.

To me surrender was giving up something for Papa, but only so that he would reward me with something in return. How does that translate? Papa never said “bargain with me.” I am called to surrender with no expectation of anything in return. I am called to surrender only because Papa has asked me to.

Why are you surrendering to God? Is it to be drawn closer to your savior? Or, is it secretly to get that job you want? Or, to see those two pink lines? Or, to find “The One”?

I ask you to take sometime today and challenge yourself with the Question: What is my motivation for Surrender? And, no matter what you find, know that Papa wants your surrender. Just make sure it’s not for selfish gain.


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