I have recently realized that there are a lot of songs about rain. I find this especially interesting since we are in a drought in my part of the country. It is also interesting to me that most of the songs about rain are in the genre of either Country or Christian music. What is our obsession with Rain? I have a theory…

1. Rain is wet. After all, it is water. People like to be cooled down by water.  Whether they are drinking it, bathing in it, or singing in it, water is something that people enjoy(unless you have a crippling fear of drowning).

2. It makes the air smell funny. I personally like the way that rain affects the air just before it dumps it’s payload on everything in site. Sometimes it does carry a little bit of funk with it though.

3.It makes for dark and stormy nights. You know, the kind that ghost stories come from. Which reminds me, did you hear the one about the man who lost his big toe?

4.It is associated with being completely covered, or soaked by something. If you are stuck in a rain shower without an umbrella-ella-ella-ah-ah-ah(sorry) you will, by most counts, end up soaked.

I think our fascination with rain comes from the fourth point. If I am all mushy-gooshy in love I want to hear a song about being completely covered in that love. The same goes for when I’m broken hearted. I want to just be overwhelmed by that heartbreak, at least for a little while. That’s why I especially love the rain reference when talking and singing about Papa. What better way to describe the Spirit falling on someone than with rain? When the Spirit falls it isn’t a dribble on your wrist, or a drop or two on the forehead. It is an engulfing since of peace and love that pours over you. I hope that you don’t feel that the Lord is the dark and stormy type.

What do you think about rain?

What other song cliches do find interesting?


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