Get Real.

I have been reading Plan B by Pete Wilson for several months now. I know what you’re thinking, “How big is that Book?” I haven’t really been into growing spiritually lately so it has taken me awhile to get to the middle of the book. Anyway, Pete (I call him Pete cause we’re tight like that) talks about authentic community. About not trying to make yourself seem more interesting so you can fit in. I have to be honest, I have always done that.

I have always felt afraid of rejection. Maybe that stems from a broken childhood. Being a part of a dysfunctional family can have some lasting affects on a kid. some lasting affects on a kid. Sorry about that.

Where does it start? More importantly: Where does it end?

I can’t tell you where it started, but it ends today. I want to live in the light that Papa has for me and I can’t do that by being dishonest. Not just with others, but with myself as well.

What will that look like? I have no idea, and I’m a little freaked out. But, I will try not to freak anyone else out. (no promises though) How bout this…

I am a crappy husband to my wife. I am a good dad. But, in reality those two can not co-exist under one roof. I have hidden my fears from my wife because I “have to be strong.” That’s a crook of bull(and I don’t me pot roast). That is an excuse that I have used to hold on to my fears and selfishness. If I was being strong for my family I would bring my fears and my crap to my wife so that we can work through them together(1+1=1). How is that authentic communication with her?

Side note: Communication, Communion, Community…coincidence? I think not.

I have robbed my family and friends of something far deeper than my fears have allowed, because I wasn’t genuine (Jump on it…).

How have you been robbed by your fears? Who have you robbed?


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