Birds and Cigarettes

The question of the day: What is wrong with the American Church?

Answer: Birds and Cigarettes.

Actually, the  answer is me. But, I did make you wonder where I was going.

I, and so many like me, are killing Christianity. I want to sit on my high horse(which is actually a quite uncomfortable stool) and blog about life and sin and candy like it is a trendy habit, which it is by the way. But, what about the sin that I don’t talk about? Why do I only point out a particular sin over another? Because I can. It’s easy to do sitting behind this screen.

The best believer is the worst sinner. What makes him/her the best believer is the fact that they know they are the worst sinner. But, in today’s Christianity no one wants to be a “sinner” so we spend our time pointing out other peoples sin. That’s why I am the reason for failing Christianity. I am so quick to point out how someone else has screwed up, or how I am so much higher and holier then they are. All while claiming to be a Christian. While claiming the teachings of Jesus. While writing a blog titled Birds and Cigarettes.

I am not blaming my parents, or Jimmy Swaggert, even though the lady with pink hair on TBN scares me sometimes. It is my fault. I have distorted the word of God to fit my sins and shortcomings into it. I am no better than the Pharisee in Luke 18(9-12). Would you honestly want to have anything to do with a people group that tear each other apart? I wouldn’t, but dangit I am. I think I am a ranking official actually. I should check on that. Maybe there is a pension plan.

I tweet about how holy I am and how awesome my blog is(see what I did there), but what is it all for? Now, I’m not going to quit tweeting, or writing exceptional blog post :), but I am going to try and bring something relevant to the table. Something that truly challenges the readers, and you know who you are. All 8 of you. I want my ramblings to stir you. To challenge you. And sometime, to annoy you, or make you laugh(whichever you prefer).

I don’t however want to be “better” than you. I don’t have it figured out. I am not that smart. But, I am loved and covered by grace and so are you. Let’s just love each other. In a strictly brotherly/sisterly love kind of way. And by that I don’t mean Arkansas brotherly/sisterly kind of way.


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