My Dad

I promised you all that this blog would be authentic. Well, get ready for an Authentic Bomb.

We all know the term, “Daddy Issues.” And I believe we all have them to some degree or another. That has been the case since the fall of man. And I am not talking about a season, or some guy taking a spill. I am talking about Adam tasting of the fruit in the Garden of Eden. I sure hope it was worth it. Thanks Gramps.

My daddy issues seem to be seasonal. Like Ecclesiastes said: A time to Laugh, a time to cry, a time to hate your dad, a time to love your dad, a time to make fun of your dad in a loving way, and a time to have him kick you in the pants. Or something like that.

My dad was my hero growing up. He was stronger than Superman, and more courageous than Batman. He was invincible. But, then he wasn’t around. Let me set the record straight, I don’t hate my dad for his lack of presence in my life, I just feel slighted. I feel like I missed something that could have been awesome. He did what he thought was right to support his family. Those decisions kept us clothed, kept us sheltered, and kept us fed. My dad was a good dad, he was just absent. I realize there is nothing that can be done about it now, but it has caused division and separation between my dad and me.

The biggest problem that we have isn’t his absence during my formative years, our biggest problem is Pride. We will go months without talking to each other because or it. My pride kept me from calling my dad on father’s day. His pride kept him from calling me on my first father’s day this year. What kind of sense does that make? We both wanted to hear from the other(I would assume he wanted to hear from me), but were both too stubborn and prideful to concede.

Does writing this post mean that I’m going to call my dad? I don’t know. But, it does make me think about the relationships in my life that have fallen by the wayside for whatever reason. Some of those reasons I can pinpoint as my own selfishness, or jealousy, or just pure stupidity. Either way, they are no longer the same.

I guess the big question to ask is, “What am I (you) going to do about it?” As I write this I am feeling more and more convicted to do something

If I am truly striving to be like Jesus then I am going to reconcile those relationships the best that I can. I can’t assume what the other person will do. Nor can I make them respond in a way that would be easiest for me. But, I can offer myself grace and those I love. My friend Justin tweeted this earlier: “Grace is greater than revenge or guilt.” Such true words.

So, who are you needing reconciliation with? Will you take that step into grace today?


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