Plan B?

Okay, so obviously I am the slowest reader in the world because it has taken me one full year to read Pete Wilson’s Plan B. I would like to mention that I actually stopped reading the book for about 10 months. I have ADD like a mofo(and yes I just went old school with that one). To be completely honest, after reading the first three chapters of the book I didn’t think that I would finish it. They seemed elementary and drawn-out to me. So, I stopped reading. I placed it on the bookshelf so that it would make me seem cool. Because we all know Pete Wilson is a hipster and if you have his book then you are cool by association. Plus, it made me look smart having another brightly colored book on my shelf.

Well, sometime around the end of May/beginning of June I picked up Petey’s book again. I told myself that I would force myself to read it since I had heard such great things about it. Best idea I’ve had in quite some time. I re-read the entire thing. I didn’t struggle as much with the first three chapters this time. After clearing that hurdle, I loved the book. I didn’t devour it like I sometimes do with other books, and anything from Taco Bell. I took a little more time and read slowly and purposefully. Some of my most recent blogs have been inspired by points that were made in the book.

I feel as though I am currently going through somewhat of a plan b. I have always wanted to do full-time ministry(the I’m able to pay my bills with the income from my full-time ministry – ministry job), but it just hasn’t seemed to work out for me lately. I even drug my 5 month pregnant wife to North Atlanta in hopes of finding a great “ministry” job, but to no avail. Now, my wife and I are back in beautiful Sarasota(with an amazing, healthy 5 month old little girl) and I work as an outside salesman for a welding supply company. Not quite what I had in mind.

Not only am I not doing what I have believed for so long that Papa wants me to do, but I have completely taken a crap on my family(metaphorical crap, come on guys). I haven’t been the spiritual leader that Papa has called me to be. I haven’t been in community with anyone, not even my wife. Who is amazing and deserves far better than what I have been giving her lately(and no, she probably will not read this). My Plan B is far from where I intended myself, and my family, to be.

But, that’s the point. Pete captures that so well in the book. Papa is drawing me closer to Him during this time of uncertainty. During this time of turmoil. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who needs a new perspective on a bad situation. And, even if the book doesn’t apply to you now, just wait, it will.

Thanks Petey!


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