Holyer than You Guy

Thank you to John Acuff for inspiring this post. Check out his blog, it’s way better than mine anyways.

We all know the Holier than You guy. You know, the I Jesus Juke conversations, I post inspirational status updates on facebook and tweeter guy. The my blog is devoted to spreading the gospel one viral bit by viral bit(don’t read my other post cause I’m pretty sure I have done that) guy. And, to flaunt my holiness I keep my eyes open during prayer guy.

That’s right, I’m that super holy guy who keeps his eyes open during prayer. Every eye closed doesn’t apply to me. And I see you lady in the 4th row back, seat #12. Just now giving your life to Christ at 45? Good Job, but you could’ve been awesome like me and done that when you were like 8. (wait, I just realized that I have written this about me. YES!) I am super Holy.

What is it that makes me so Holy? Is it my trendy haircut? My deep v-necks? Or is it my really cool looking, cross engraved, bible? Take your pick, I just know that I am holier than you and better at this Jesus thing than you will ever be. There is no way that I have any serious issues. Drama is for less holy Christians. Not me.

Let’s face it, we all know someone like this, and many of us(myself included) exhibit many of these same characteristics(man that is a long word)(and why is the word Long shorter than the word Short, think about that). If I am truly following after the Creator and living my life according to His word, then how can I consider myself better than anyone? “…but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” (Phil 2:3)

Are you humbling yourself? Are you really considering those around you as more significant than yourself? I know that I struggle with this a lot.

Papa, break my spirit of self-righteousness, of self-rightness, of self.

My name is Jason, a sinner covered in grace trying to find his way home.


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