Scripture Gummies

Does anyone remember the old SNL skit with Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon as Hans and Frans the body builders? I used to think that was the funniest stuff. “You are a girlie man if you can’t bench-press 350 lbs like we can.” In that case, I am definitely a Girlie Man. 325 is my max(cough, cough).

I am not a healthy guy. I mean, I’m not sick or anything like that, but I am over weight and out of shape. I’ve been saying for years that I am going to workout and loose the gut. But, it never happens. I don’t exercise enough to make a difference. Unless you count lifting the 2 liter to my mouth(those things can be a little heavy when you first open them). I’ve realized that I not only stink at physical exercise, I also stink at spiritual exercise. That’s right folks, if you turn to Repetitions 12:22-46 you will find Jesus’ weekly workout regimen. Seriously though, I don’t exercise my faith like I should. I also, don’t exercise my will either.

Oswald Chambers says this: “Will is the whole active man. I cannot give up my will, I must exercise it. I must will to obey, and I must will to receive God’s Spirit.”

I have to exercise my will by choosing each day to spend time with Papa. I have to make the choice to dig into scripture. And, I have to exercise my will in simply believing in the Good News that is my faith. I think we all get lost sometimes in the routine of being a Christian(maybe not all of us, I mean I am Holyer than You). I can read my few chapters of scripture each day but never gain anything from them. I can cross the I’s and dot the T’s of modern day Christianity without being stirred in my soul. Without sharing life. Without meeting Papa face to face in prayer. Too bad you can’t just go to your local Lifeway Christian store and buy some spiritual supplements. (New business Idea: Scripture Gummies)(Christians will buy anything)

I am being challenged today to exercise my will and make the conscious choices that show my love and devotion to my Savior. Will you join me in this challenge?

My name is Jason and I’m a sinner covered in grace, trying to find his way home.


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