I must be Crazy

I really have no idea what I am thinking even as I write this post, but I have just promised myself to read the entire Bible in less than 90 days. This may possibly be the greatest thing I have ever done to overcome my laziness. Or, the dumbest because, if I fail, I will feel like a total failure who doesn’t love God. (is that too harsh?) Anyway. I will try to post on here as frequently as possible but no real promises can be made. Between my amazing wife, beautiful little girl, and insane reading plan, this blog may have to suffer slightly(sorry to the ten of you that read this). My reasoning behind this endeavor of mass proportions? I am tired of being lazy. I realize that just because I read scripture doesn’t mean I’m not going to be lazy, but it gives me a goal to aspire to. Something that I haven’t had in awhile. I need to set short term goals that i can attain to give myself the mental kick in the pants needed. I am sharing this so that my readers would hopefully pray for me during this time(i mean it’ll be less than 90 days folks, P90X takes longer). I am tired of my laziness keeping me from Papa’s promise for me and my family. I am extremely excited for how God is going to reveal himself to me through His scripture. And I could use your prayers and support. If anyone would like to walk with me through this process feel free. I am doing an amped up version of the YouVersion-Bible in 90 days reading plan.

Thank you- Jason


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