I got this, JoJo

So I started my insane task of reading thru the entire bible in less than 90 days yesterday. I am expecting this to get more difficult as I progress, but for right now it is Awesome! Genesis rocks! I have never read Genesis in its entirety, except for that one time for Old Testament class freshman year(I didn’t really read it). Yea, I didn’t pass that class. I know what you’re thinking, “Old testament? You couldn’t pass old testament?” Nope. I actually fell asleep one time and headbutted the guy in front of me in the back of his head(small desk + fat kid makes this possible).

I digress. The way God showed his steadfast love to his chosen was insane throughout Genesis. I especially like the way He orchestrated Joseph’s life. Throughout all of the poop(i have censored my blog for the younger folk, or else i would’ve used “crap”) God was “with” Joseph. “Slavery, no problem I got your back JoJo.” “Oh, you’re a prisoner now? No worries mate.”(Genesis is where the Aussies got it from) “I got this JoJo, I got this.” I bet if I listen hard enough, or really its more like-If I shut up long enough, I will hear Papa telling me the exact same thing. “You’re okay, I have this under control. Trust me.”

If you need a little bit of reassurance why not read through Genesis. Great read. Now if only I could find God’s twitter account I could tag him in this so he can read my in-depth review of his book Genesis. Oh well.


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