One of those days

As I sit here behind the counter of my seemingly meaningless job, and the rain beats the ground outside(which means I’m gonna get wet as I try to dodge as many raindrops as possible on the way to my car) I have to remind myself that this is just one of those days. You know the kind. The one where you start the day filling in for a co-worker at a satellite branch. Then your boss calls and says that they need you out on the road today after all. Then after you get about 40 miles from said satellite branch, you boss calls you again and says that you have to go back to said branch to fill in again. Not to mention it’s one of those “I drove my car to the satellite branch, then to the home office to get the company car, but then back to the office to get my car so that I can return to the satellite branch” days.

Has anyone ever had that kind of day? And I don’t mean round-aboutly, I mean exactly. If so, that is crazy. We must work for the same company then. Or, you’re lie-ing to try to get on my good side, which really isn’t any different than my bad side(I look good at any angle).

So, What to do on a day like today? I just have to grin and bare it(I wonder if “frown and loose it” would work for the inverse). I have to take the bad days with the good, because I am never promised that all the days will be good. Of course not, I work for flawed humans. And(don’t tell anyone I said this) I am a flawed human as well.

I also have to realize that this isn’t my dream job. This is that really creepy detour that you have to take because some nencompoop decided to build a new bridge even though the old one was perfectly fine. Just because one of the towers holding it up had some structural damage doesn’t mean the whole thing needs replacing. Anyway..

I am grateful that I have an encouraging wife who listens to my complaining, but then lovingly reminds me that I need this job so that we can pay our bills, and cloth our daughter. I am also thankful that I am reading a great book called Quitter. It is all about staying at your day job so you can pursue your dream job(which i’m not 100% on what my dream job would be, but my current job is not it). I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting something more. Jon Acuff, or Jonnie as i call him(we be tight like that), has done a great job at being completely honest about the pitfalls Of leaping before you are ready. So,…

I am a Quitter, just not today.


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