Can someone get me a Goat?

*Serious Alert*

I am currently attempting to read through the entire bible in less than 90 days. So far it has been great. Learning things that I didn’t know before and feeling God stretch me. That being said, I am so glad that Jesus paid for my sin on a cross. I mean, have you read Leviticus?

I would be in pretty bad shape right now because: 1 I’m not Jewish, and 2 because I don’t own any livestock, or harvest any grains for sacrifice. One can’t read Leviticus and then tell me that we would still be okay in our sin.

Reading through the old testament has given me a new outlook on my sin. I am so much more grateful for Christ’s blood. I have always known about Jesus being the sacrifice for our sins, but reading through the OT has given more weight to His death. It had to be brutal. There had to be blood shed. There had to be atonement for the sin of the people. Christ was the best of the best. It wasn’t that he was without sin, He was the perfect sacrifice. Without stain. Without blemish.

Some of you have probably already had this realization, so this may seem a bit late. And, honestly it isn’t something completely new to me. But reading about the OT sacrifices has brought new light to the death of Christ. If His sacrificial death has lost it’s resonance in your heart then maybe you too should read through Leviticus. And, No it won’t kill you or take you three years.


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