Mac Snob?

So, my wife and I are tossing around the idea of giving up the luxury of having smart phones(notice how I said luxury, now all you people who think you absolutely have to have a smart phone feel crappy, and you realize that I’m holier than you). To be completely honest, I don’t want to give up my smart phone. I like being able to check my email, facebook, twitter, blog, whatever on the go. I have never been someone who can just “surf the web” for hours at a time(I went old school again). It’s like a quick, clean poop. In and out(I realize I could have used the burger joint for my reference, but not everyone has been to an In-N-Out. However, everyone has pooed).

There really are only two questions to help me with my decision: Do I absolutely need it? and How much money would I save each month by not having it? I know what you’re thinking, “With a blog this good how can he not afford it?” But, unfortunately no one has decided to pay me for my ramblings as hard as that is to believe. So, for the mean time money is a definite factor.

As I ponder these dead, life changing questions, I must ask myself about other “luxuries” in my life(i did it again, hehe). I am paying a large sum of money for a nice car, but do I need that nice of a car? Can I find something that will be just as reliable without carrying such a big note? Absolutely. Do I have to have the latest gadgets and gismos? Nope(i would really like an Ipad for Christmas mom). So why do i desire those things?

I want the latest and greatest because that’s what I have been taught from early on. “I need a new car.” Or, “I need this computer, or that phone to be considered tech-savy.”(yes, I have a Mac and an Iphone-Guilty, but i’m not a mac snob) But, I don’t. The only thing that I need is Papa. The rest is just details. I feel as though it is easier to have a huge monthly car note than it is to pay my tithes. It’s easier to shell out a couple hundred bucks for internet, cable, and cell phones, then it is to buy a homeless man a meal.

I’m just as guilty of these things as anyone else. But, what if we change the norm, the status qua? Would you dare to change the everyday to the extraordinary?


One thought on “Mac Snob?

  1. Ma ma Davis says:

    Jay – We all struggle with these things, it is our sin nature I believe. I struggle as well. Years ago, when I was younger, a neighbor told me Deb, your needs and your wants are 2 different things……
    I’ve never forgotten that….
    Maybe it’ll help you too.
    I love you
    mom davis

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