Here We Go

Here we go folks…A lot has happened over the past year. None of which have I blogged about. It’s time to catch everyone up. December (2011) I lost my job two weeks before Christmas. A few days after Christmas I was asked to join the staff at my church as the High School pastor. After 9 months, and countless bouts of side spliting laughter, I was asked to stepdown from the position. I’ve never been given a clear answer, and it was completely unforseen, but I honestly believe that it was for the best. I could not have said that back in Aug/Sept when we were going through the emotional destress and cofussion that accompanied the churches decision. I will be completely honest and say that I still feel pain from the situation and the way it was handled, but I know that everything has a purpose.

Shay and I are now on the road again. As some of you know, I used to work construction. I used to travel all over working on natural gas and oil pipeline jobs. Well…I’m back at it. Shay and I began the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class soon after leaving the church. After reading and studying the program for a couple of weeks we decided that what we were called to was not a life of debt. We wanted to be free from the financial burdens of car notes and student loans. We wanted the opportunity to control our money and not let our debt control our money. Shortly after beginning the class and wondering how in the world we would be debt free before we were 65, I received a phone call from my Dad offering me a position back on the pipeline. It was a great offer. We decided to take it and now we are back on the road.

One aspect of living on the road that has changed drastically for us is the addition of our beautiful little girl. It has made things slightly more difficult, but not impossible. The hardest adjustment for all of us has been leaving behind the friends and teens that we spent so much time getting to know. We both agree that Sarasota would be a great place to return to once the debt is dead, but for now it is difficult living so far from our community and friends. Small Texas towns don’t offer the same varity.

Hopefully I will be able to update this along our journey for financial peace. And hopefully we survive the quest. This task is not easy. It is incredibly difficult, but it will be worth it if we make it to the other side. Please pray for my family during the months to come. Pray that we draw closer to one another. That we learn to love more deeply the company and community of strangers, and the warmth of family.


One thought on “Here We Go

  1. Debra S. Nettles says:

    Awesome comment with such honesty. Very proud to know what a profound and insightful man you have grown into. I pray that you and Shaina will be able to whether any storm that may enter your lives. Haddie is a gift from God, treasure her and keep her safe. You all, are such blessings to us, that love you so unconditionally.

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